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2013 Bond Of Gold Scheme

With the intention to make gold available to all, KFJ started crafting unique and innovative gold investment plans. The successful Bond of Gold scheme, started in 2013 has resulted in us gilding more than 10,000 happy customers’. As more and more customers benefit from this amazing scheme, we are happy to announce our second installment of this bond. We hope to bring home many more smiles with this scheme. For all your big days, let KFJ be a part of them!

One thing I find interesting in gold is that I have not heard anybody say that they lost money investing in gold. In my experience FDs give an interest of 8.5-9.5 but gold rates over the years have grown more than that. Therefore gold is a security against skyrocketing future expenses for my children specially their education. Also KFJ’s terms and conditions of Bond of Gold are simple and clear and the whole process is very transparent. So I figured out I have nothing to worry about

I have a married daughter and a son who would get married in the near future. My wife and I thought KFJ’s Bond of Gold is an excellent way to plan and acquire gold for my future grand children. I not only get gold at a rate much lesser than the market rate but also make bigger profit as I expect the gold rate to become at least 2900/grams in 3 years. Since it is not my immediate requirement I can wait. KFJ has been in business for nearly forty years and I have known them close to ten years now. I think they are reliable and it’s worth the wait.

If you compare buying 50 grams of gold coins today at the current market rate and with KFJ’s Bond of Gold, and selling the coins after Three years you would surely make more profit with KFJ’s Bond of Gold as you are buying the same 50grams at a much lesser rate than the market rate today. Also if you compare gold ETF with KFJ’s Bond of Gold, this is more beneficial as you booking fixed grams of gold at once at a fixed price much lower than the market price

When you invest in KFJ’s Bond of Gold, the quantity of gold you want is booked today (at 1999/gm.) and after 3 years since the return is the same pre-determined quantity of gold, the investor is protector from the devaluation of Rupee. If you invest one lakh in KFJ’s Bond of Gold you get 50 grams of gold. After 3 years even if the price of gold is 2900/gm, 50 gms of gold will be worth 2.5 lakhs, the profit being 1.5 lakhs. So on an average you make a profit of 25% per annum.

If you buy jewelry today and want to exchange it after some years you will not lose 4-9% as wastage for existing jewelry but also pay 15% or so as wastage for the new jewelry. In KFJ’s Bond of Gold you not only get to buy gold coins at rates much lower than the market rate today but also see it grow in value many folds and later buy jewelry your children like without unnecessary lose as wastage. KFJ has been my family jeweler for many years and I have benefitted from their earlier gold schemes. So I’m quite comfortable investing my hard earned money with them.